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Common co-existing conditions 

      Several conditions may co-exist with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Two of the most common are anxiety and ADHD. Specialized interventions geared toward students with ADHD are utilized to help conquer learning and attention challenges. Additionally, anxiety can be common due to feelings of not being able to keep up in class or feeling overwhelmed by academic requirements.


     Over many years of practice, the therapist has earned the certification as a Rehab Service Provider for ADHD. The therapist is also specially trained and certified as an RSP in Child and Adolescent Anxiety Treatment. These skills provide additional resources and support for children with co-existing learning issues.

     Executive Functioning Skills Remediation is an area that can be highly beneficial for students with learning challenges. Reading and writing are highly complex tasks that requires multiple executive functioning skills. Students often have undiagnosed weaknesses in executive functioning skills. Being able to recognize the specific executive functioning task with which a child is struggling requires the skills of a highly experienced therapist. 


      These skills are the underlying foundation upon which higher level learning is developed.  Students with learning difficulties need to be taught the skills they are lacking by instructors with expertise in those learning disabilities.  This can include working memory strategies, self-regulation tools, attention strategies, and structured planning and organizational skill development.


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