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Comprehensive Interventions for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

Orton-Gillingham based curriculum
Intensive Reading Instruction
ultisensory, Structured Literacy Program
Handwriting instruction, print and cursive
Writing skills, sentences to essays

dyslexia therapy

Empower Growth

Cypress Dyslexia Services offers interventions for children with learning differences and those simply struggling to master reading, spelling, and writing.


Children do not have to have a specific diagnosis to benefit from learning support.  

Cypress Dyslexia Services is more than just reading tutoring. Interventions offered are therapeutic, diagnostic, and specific for each student. A specialized, highly trained instructor will help your child reach his or her highest potential. 

In person or on-line sessions available.

Call for a free consultation to determine if a dyslexia therapy program is the right fit for your needs.

Cypress Dyslexia Services uses a Structured Literacy Program that follows the Science of Reading. The curriculum is Orton Gillingham based and designed for teaching students with dyslexia and other language based learning disabilities. The program is multisensory, systematic, cumulative, intensive, and diagnostic. Each student receives interventions that are specific and tailored to his/her needs.

Dyslexia interventions are more intensive than reading tutoring. Dyslexia therapy requires multiple sessions per week because the reading process is broken down into manageable parts and skills are developed until mastered. Sessions are one-on-one and can be done in person or on-line. The Neuhaus Basic Language Skills program (BLS) is used which includes phonemic awareness, letter recognition, decoding, syllable instruction, spelling, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and morphology. 


Dysgraphia interventions focus on handwriting, spelling, syntax, and grammar. Additionally, composition skills include comprehensive instruction on the writing process which includes formation of sentences, paragraph structure, and essay writing skills.  Coaching and development of writing for STAAR short answer and essay questions, TSIA WritePlacer, or school essays can be provided.


Additionally, training in academic executive functioning skills for organization, planning, and work completion can be addressed. These lifelong skills are important, not only for school, but also for all daily activities.           

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